Asian Fisheries Society

E-Newsletter December 2020
19 Jan, 2021


Wish you all a very happy, healthy and productive 2021. Let us hope we will defeat the corona virus soon with the availability of vaccines.

The world has gone through difficult times in 2020 with the Corona pandemic – the population reeling with health issues, economic downturn, increased unemployment which in turn has resulted in food insecurity among poor in developing countries. The fisheries sector and the people involved in the sector are no exception. Lockdowns have resulted in problems both for capture fisheries and aquaculture. Farmers and fishers were not able to reach the markets with their product due to domestic transportation restrictions and also export restrictions. For the same reason, inputs did not reach in time to the farmers and fishers. Situation is slowly coming back to normal and let us hope 2021 will be a good year for the fisheries sector.

Due to travel restrictions, many planned conferences, workshops and training programs have been postponed to a later date and webinars have become new normal. In spite of this, activities by various organisations are progressing in alternate modes, as is the case with our Society.

Stay safe, stay healthy.

M.V. Gupta

Enewsletter Dec 2020