Asian Fisheries Society

E-Newsletter June 2014
13 Aug, 2014


The year 2014 has been declared as "International Year of Family Farming" by the 66th Session of United Nations general Assembly in recognition of the importance small-scale farming plays in poverty alleviation and food security. The same holds true in the case of small-scale fisheries and aquaculture which contribute substantially not only to food security, but also to nutritional and livelihood security of millions in developing countries. Nearly five years of negotiations by FAO with its member-states has ultimately resulted in adopting international guidelines for sustainable management of small-scale fisheries at recent CoFI meeting.

The recently released report of High Level Panel of Experts of Committee on World Food Security, on the role of fisheries and aquaculture in food and nutritional security highlighted that the sector in spite of its contribution to food and nutritional security, received little attention in food and nutritional strategies at national level. Let us hope and strive to get the attention of planners and administrators in our countries to give due recognition to the contribution of the sector and come up with appropriate policies and governance for the sustainable growth of the sector and livelihood of all those involved.

AsiaPacific Fishwatch has completed information on skipjack tuna, one of the commercially important fishes of Asia-Pacific and is in the process of collecting information on yellowfin tuna to be followed by other economically/commercially important species.

Three important conferences under the auspices of the Society are scheduled during this year: (i) 10th Indian Fisheries and Aquaculture Forum (10ifaf) scheduled for 12-15 November 2014 in Lucknow, India organised by the Indian Branch of Society; (ii) 5th Global Symposium on Gender in Aquaculture and Fisheries (GAF5) In conjunction with 10ifaf during 12-15 November 2014, in Lucknow, India; and (iii) 9th Symposium on Diseases in Asian Aquaculture (DAA9) in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam during 24-28 November 2014 organised by Fish Health Section of the Society.

The newsletter also provides a list of conferences/symposia to take place in the next 12 months. I look forward to more contributions to the newsletter from the Members.

Dr M.V. Gupta

E-Newsletter June 2014