Asian Fisheries Society
Activity Date Place Host
Future Fish Eurasia 2014 June 5-7, 2014 Izmir, Turkey Ministry of Food, Agriculture & Livestock, Aegean Exorters Association, ─░stanbul Exporters Association, ─░zmir Fish Producers Assoc., Turkish Seafood Promotion Committee and Eurofish Organisation
World Aquaculture Adelaide 2014 June 7-11, 2014 Adelaide, Australia World Aquaculture Society
10th Indian Fisheries Forum November 12-15, 2014 City of Lucknow Asian Fisheries Society Indian Branch
9th Symposium on Diseases in Asian Aquaculture (DAA9) November 24-28, 2014 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Fish Health Section
2nd International Symposium on Aquaculture and Fisheries Education (ISAFE2) April 22-24, 2015 SHOU Campus at Lingang City, Shanghai, China Asian Fisheries Society With Shanghai Ocean University (SHOU)
5th International Symposium on Cage Aquaculture in Asia (CAA5) November 25-28, 2015 Kochi, India AFS, CMFRI
11th Asian Fisheries & Aquaculture Forum (11AFAF) August 3-7, 2016 Bangkok, Thailand AFS, NACA
10th Symposium on Diseases in Asian Aquaculture (DAA10) August 28 - September 1, 2017 The ANVAYA Beach Resort,Bali, Indonesia Fish Health Section, Asian Fisheries Society in collaboration with Indonesian Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries