Asian Fisheries Society

Use of Pineapple Juice for Elimination of Egg Stickiness of Common Carp (Cyprinus carpio L.)


Four treatments including three different concentrations of pineapple solution (1%, 3%, 5%) and the traditional method (salt/urea/tannin solutions) were used to eliminate egg stickiness of common carp. Using the traditional method, fertilization and hatching rates were 74.5% ± 1.2 and 70.2% ± 1.1, respectively. The highest fertilization rate (89.3% ± 0.7) and hatching rate (86.6% ± 1.4) were found with treatment of 1% pineapple juice solution and was significantly different from those obtained with other treatments (P<0.05). Using pineapple juice for desticking common carp eggs also reduced the time of egg handling from almost one hour required with the traditional method, to about three minutes, as well as increasing fertilization and hatching rate under hatchery conditions.

Publication Date : 2004-06-01

Volume : 17

Issue : 2

Page : 159-162

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Date 2004/06/01
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