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Women Fish Border Traders in Cambodia: What Shapes Women’s Business Trajectories?


This paper revisits the study of fish border traders at the Thai-Cambodian border in 2006. The political and economic development at the border influenced Cambodian women fish traders' business trajectories in different ways. The diversity of business development of the traders shows that women's businesses do not necessarily suffer from the same challenges but are influenced by various factors at micro/meso/macro level environment and relations. The paper classified traders’ business trajectories into four, and showed that their relation with their husbands related to their business is not only of control over the business but also of a more subtle negotiation in their level of involvement. The particularity of fish as a commodity of trade also shapes how the trade is imagined as women’s business that can keep the business under women’s control. The analysis indicates the importance of context-informed analysis and a nuanced understanding of their business and life trajectories in order to understand the challenges and opportunities that women traders face in this market.

Publication Date : 2014-12-15

Volume : 27

Issue : Special Gender in Aquaculture and Fisheries: Navigating Change

Page : 43-57

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Date 2014/12/15
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