Asian Fisheries Society

Call for nomination form and AFS Award Nomination form
15 Jun, 2016


Dear AFS Members,

This is to formally notify all AFS members and councilors that the 12th General Assembly (GA) of the Asian Fisheries Society will be held at on 5th August, 2016 (18.30-20.30 hrs) during the 11th Asian Fisheries & Aquaculture Forum (11AFAF),Bangkok, Thailand. During the GA, councilors for the 12th Council will be elected and confirmed.Nominations for AFS members to serve on the 12th Council (2016-2019) are hereby invited. The Council normally comprises up to 15 members and 14 will be filled by election. Nominations shall be made in writing using the official AFS nomination form which is attached. The nomination shall be accompanied by a brief biography of the candidate and shall be sent to me by email (preferable) or mail (to the AFS Secretariat) on or before the 30th June 2016.

Thank you.