Asian Fisheries Society
  • E-Newsletter December 2011
    31 Jan, 2012

    FROM THE EDITOR I wish all the members a very happy, healthy and productive 2012. In spite of so much progress in science, over million people go to bed hungry every day. Food insecurity ha ...
  • E-Newsletter June 2011
    04 Oct, 2011

    President's Message As the new President of the Asian Fisheries Society (AFS), I am looking forward to my short time at the helm of the AFS. Because the 9AFAF was delayed a bit, I will presi ...
  • E-Newsletter December 2010
    27 Jan, 2011

    Issue No. 11 . December 2010 Editor's Note Wishes for a very happy, healthy and productive 2011. Let all of us in 2011 focus our efforts at ways and means of not only at increasing production ...
  • E-Newsletter June 2010
    05 Jul, 2010

    Editor's Note Dear members: I am pleased to present to you AFS Newsletter No.10. I would like to once again request all Councilors and Members of the Society to contribute to the newslette ...
  • E-Newsletter December 2009
    19 Jan, 2010

    Editor’s Note Year 2009 has been a mixture of sadness with the untimely demise of Dr. Yang Yi and good news of the increasing contribution of fisheries to the food basket in many countri ...
  • E-Newsletter June 2009
    20 Oct, 2009

    Editor's Note This newsletter is being presented to the Members with a heavy heart from the untimely demise of Dr. Yang Yi, President of the Society. At a time when the Society was looking for ...